God created us to be His instruments and our goal is to worship Him through music and song.  Our desire is to speak to each other with “psalms, hymns and songs from the Spirit.”



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Our goal is to serve our neighbors in Pasadena, specifically Northwest Pasadena. Tell us what your needs are and let us help you meet them.

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306, 2015

Worship Excellence!

For a while, we are a worship ministry felt as though we were at a stand still. We have some very talented individuals who love God, love fellowship, and are gifted with music. But for some reason, that was not enough.

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When it comes to giving people often think about money especially when it relates to the church. The fact is God is more concerned with where you spend your time. So, how do you actually spend your time?

Often God and church receives the scraps of an individuals time. We at Agape want to encourage people to not make ministry an after thought but rather a way of life. In this respect you can do what you love by giving it up to God. Apart from the obvious, an easy way to give back is by getting plugged into a church body where you can learn how to give in ways that makes sense to you and God’s overall Kingdom. In time, you will realize that giving over your life to God is synonymous with salvation.

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It’s a different experience to take a skill that you are blessed with and to use it for the benefit of others. At Agape, we believe that you and all those around you have a skillset that is unique, amazing, and needed to add to God’s kingdom. From administrative to prayer, from teaching to hospitality, from cooking to musicianship, we invite you to give back in a way that your makes sense for you. If you want don’t think you have any skills, talk to one of our leaders and you will begin to see truly how amazing you are!

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Why is it so difficult to talk about finances at church? Often people believe that churches use the money provided by congregants to line the coffers of pastors and not do much for the community. The fact is that, in most situations, this is not the case. As most of us know, finances play a key role in keeping lights on, doors open, and ministries going. We at Agape believe that giving financially is a biblical principle and we encourage others to participate in it.

That being said, we do understand that time get tough and giving to the church financially may not be in the cards. This is when you must connect with leadership so we can learn how to give back to you. You see giving is a two way street and we want to provide for the members of the body as much as they provide for us!

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Is there a talent or skill that you have been gifted with that you’d like to give or share in service to God and others? Check out some of Agape’s different ministries.