Full Steam Ahead

For a while, we are a worship ministry felt as though we were at a stand still. We have some very talented individuals who love God, love fellowship, and are gifted with music. But for some reason, that was not enough. After sometime, the ministry leaders grew tired of lackadaisical worship and pushed for change. Not only change with the ministry, but change in the hearts and commitments of each individual team member. Our goal is not to facilitate worship, but to worship God and lead others by example! Plain and simple.

After our worship team retreat in 2015, we came back with a rejuvenated spirit and an excitement to be excellent in all that we do. Our theme verse emphasized the importance of fellowship and God being the center of our lives (1 Corinthians 12:26). We charted out goals, made plans, divided into smaller teams to accomplish the goals and took one step forward to being a ministry that puts actions behind its words.

2 years later we hit a wall. The team became deflated and we came to the realization that managing goals and expectations are key aspects of succeeding as a ministry. We as a team have decided to hit our goals as one solid, unified unit. We got rid of the smaller teams that we initially created. We removed the 10 goals we had lined up to grow the ministry and have turned our sights to Sunday Mornings. The question at hand being, “How can we create an environment that is not only inviting and worshipful, but a place where people feel welcome and free to worship God?”

We have now recalibrated and are excited to see what the lessons of our past will help navigate the steps we take in the future!